Workplace Concepts

From nurturing culture to encouraging well-being for your customers, your visitors, and your team, atWork Office Interiors employs established and well-researched workplace concepts to create a space that you will love to use.

Our workplace concepts guide the team’s approach to office design and space planning for your business, helping us to create better and more thoughtful workspaces. Learn more about these concepts below.

Haworth Integrated Palette

Haworth’s Integrated Palette stems from years of research to provide a family of products that are integrated, adaptable, and sustainable.

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Sharing Knowledge

Access the latest research, trends, articles, and thought leadership from the experts at Haworth. Find inspiration to build the right work environment for your company.

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Workplace Well-Being

Learn more about how effective workspace planning can help to enhance performance, reduce risk, and foster happiness and well-being at your workplace.

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