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Create a comfortable and productive space for working in your home.

At atWork Office Interiors, our team can work with you to design, plan, and outfit your home office space. We are a designated Haworth Best In Class Dealer with decades of experience and a network of over 150 manufacturers. We have home office furniture for any style or price point.

If you are looking to establish your home office as a long-term work solution, our team is available to provide ongoing consultation and expert recommendations. We can work closely with you to create a design and find products that will be safe, comfortable, and functional in your space. Request a consultation with our team today to learn more.

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If you are looking to order today, browse our catalogue to see products available for purchase online.

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Our Home Office Design Services

Our team takes a consultative approach to the design of your home office space that extends beyond product recommendations. We are your partners in the interior design process from start to finish. Leverage our industry knowledge and experience to make smart decisions about the layout of your home office.

Product Expertise

We have access to an extensive inventory of top line, mid-market, and used furniture. Our team can provide product recommendations to match the design of your new home office, including couches, carpets, and more.

Project Management

Our project management team will guide your project from initial design to final outfitting. We will work with contractors, sub-trades, and other stakeholders to ensure that your project avoids setbacks and moves forward on time and on budget.

Trusted Partnerships

Our established partnerships with contractors, installers, movers, and other professionals position us to support your project from start and finish. We can service any requirement related to the interior design and outfitting of your home office.

Quality Home Office Furniture

A comprehensive range of products to transform your home office into the ideal workspace.

Home Office Desks & Casegoods

Our desks and casegood deliver comfort and aesthetics as the centrepiece of your home office space. We offer a variety of eco-friendly desks and casegoods with a broad range of finishing options. Our products share dimensions and seamlessly integrate across product lines, allowing you to easily create an elegant and productive workspace from any collection.

Home Office Lighting

Lighting will set the tone for your home office workspace. It’s important to ensure that you’re providing the right lighting solution to enhance your mood, productivity, and overall well-being. We offer a wide range of products for ambient, task, and general lighting, including sustainable LED options.

Home Office Seating

Our home office desk chairs are designed to enhance user comfort and performance. Each chair is aesthetically appealing and intelligently engineered to support every application and complement any environment. Extensive fabric and material selections allow you to customize your seating to your intended design.

Home Office Storage

Our storage solutions provide your home workspace with ample room for all types of personal items or professional materials, including filling, towers, and pedestals. Storage solutions can be reused for a variety of spaces and configurations. Products are engineered for strength, durability, and lasting value, ensuring that your home office storage is a smart investment.

Home Furnishings

Our team has access to a range of residential product lines to make your home office feel both professional and comfortable. From couches and sofas to chairs and carpets, our home furnishing solutions will help add a touch of ‘home’ to your home office. Our furnishings are designed to blend seamlessly with your home office to create a flexible environment, suitable for work or personal time.

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Browse a select range of products available for purchase online. Our full product offering includes top line, mid-market, and used options from over 150 manufacturers.

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