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atWork Office Interiors partners with industry-leading architects and designers to deliver exceptional results for projects across a range of industries. Our team is a designated Haworth Best In Class Dealer with decades of experience and a network of over 150 manufacturers. We can find furniture solutions for any style or price point.

Our team works closely with architects and designers to ensure that their designs will be safe, comfortable, and functional. We provide advice on a variety of elements, including acoustics, lighting, ventilation, fire safety, and more.

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Our Consultative Approach to the Design Process

Our team delivers value to architects and designers with our extensive industry knowledge and experience. Our service-based approach to consultation extends beyond the products that we provide to design, architectural elements, and more.

atWork Office Interiors are your partners in the design process. We can contribute to discussions with clients, supply detailed layouts and recommendations, and provide testing to ensure that your project meets the necessary specifications.

Design Support

Our architectural specialists are trained in design fundamentals and understand how to navigate the constraints of project planning. We can take an active role in conversations with your client or support you from the sidelines, based on your specific needs.

Product Expertise

We have access to an extensive inventory of top line and mid-market furniture. Our team can provide product recommendations to fit the needs of any project, including residential and commercial builds across a range of industries.

Project Management

Our project management team will guide your project from initial design to final outfitting. We will work with contractors, sub-trades, and other stakeholders to ensure that your project avoids setbacks and moves forward on time and on budget.

Trusted Partnerships

Our established partnerships with contractors, installers, movers, and other professionals position us to support your project from start and finish. We can service any requirement related to design, furnishings, or architectural elements.

Expertise in Architectural Elements

Make sure that your project meets the required targets for acoustics, lighting, ventilation, and more. Our team’s experience in planning for these elements will ensure that your design delivers the best possible experience for your client.


We understand that acoustic planning needs to be carefully integrated into the design process. Every wall, floor, ceiling, or piece of furniture will have an impact on the acoustical qualities of your space — and proper testing is essential to ensure that sound is managed effectively.

Our team uses a variety of techniques and advancements in acoustic engineering to help create designed spaces that will both sound and feel comfortable. From furniture and carpets with acoustic-dampening properties to ceiling baffles and acoustic wallpaper, we can provide sound mitigation solutions for any space.


Flooring and carpeting has a major impact on the design of any space — but it can also affect ventilation, heating and cooling, electrical, communications, and more. It is important to find a flooring solution that offers a combination of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.

At atWork Office Interiors, we offer raised access flooring solutions that are comfortable for end users, quick to install, and support a variety of applications. These flooring systems can be used to run cabling to workstations, or to allow better HVAC distribution and improve air flow and temperature regulation within a space.


Lighting sets the tone for the space that you are creating. Lighting will have a significant impact on the mood, productivity, and overall well-being of end users, so it’s important to deliver the right lighting solution.

We understand that designing spaces to provide the right balance of natural and artificial light is a core challenge of any project. We offer a wide range of products for ambient, task, and general lighting, including sustainable LED options.

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Walls divide space and establish a structure for your design to take shape. They provide visual and acoustic privacy for end users and route electrical and communications to allow access to technology.

Instead of traditional drywalling, atWork Office Interiors provides moveable walls that build in flexibility for future use. These moveable units reduce costs when reconfiguring your space, as components are reusable. Perfect for redesigning an office or switching tenants, moveable walls bridge the gap between architecture and office furniture.

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