From the initial meeting to the final installation, atWork Office Interiors takes care of every detail, allowing you to focus on the big picture. And our service doesn’t end when the project does. We’ll guide you through the evolution of your space as your needs and business requirements change, keeping your people productive and your space dynamic.

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atWork Office Interiors provides the full range of planning and technical services needed to develop the universe of detailed, product-specific information that enables the transformation of design vision into a tangible workplace. In developing this information—in the form of space plans, shop and contract drawings, product specifications, ship sets, delivery schedules, and more—we build the foundation for a controlled procurement process, efficient installation sequences, smooth integration of the construction and furniture processes, and well coordinated site management.


atWork Office Interiors understands the financial needs of today's businesses and offers solutions tailored to each client's particular situation. From basic financing to furniture rentals to life-cycle leasing, we can develop financial programs to help you meet the challenges of growth and change while maintaining a positive position. Our financial services include budgeting, procurement, financing, leasing, rental, and asset management and disposal.


Each piece of furniture you buy is an investment in employee productivity and overall business performance. atWork Office Interiors offers a full range of services to help you enjoy a high return on every investment. We provide certified warranty service and offer programs for both routine and on-call maintenance. Expert cleaning services are available to keep furniture and systems fresh and new looking. We can reconfigure systems and give items new life by refurbishing or remanufacturing. Most important, as we receive, deliver and install your new furniture, we manage every aspect of the process—from set-up to clean-up—with timeliness, efficiency and attention to detail.


atWork Office Interiors's facility services allow you to implement changes quickly and keep your business and people performing at their best. Our full-service approach to interior construction includes budgeting, reconfiguration, installation, and coordination of voice and data as well as other specialties. We tie it all together through expert project management, assuring timely completion within budget. We also offer product maintenance, inventory management, and a total solution for the management of workplace moves that will have your people back up and running with minimal disruption to their productivity.