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Ergotron® WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter


Convert any Surface into an Ergonomic Deasl. Reduce back pain and avoid fatigue. Quickly convert any desk or table into a sit-to-stand desk that helps you work in ergonomic alignment throughout the day—even as you change positions. The WorkFit-T has smooth extension and retraction to raise and lower your work area without cranks or motors. Simple movements adjust your monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the most comfortable level, helping to reduce eye and neck strain.

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The WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstation optimizes the interaction between people and their technology to enhance the human experience and provide long-term value. This versatile solution easily retrofits a table or desktop into a height-adjustable, sit-to-stand workstation in just seconds. It’s easy to position the keyboard and monitor to the most comfortable and ergonomic height to help reduce eye, neck and back discomfort.

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