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New Products from Haworth

New Product
Riverbend + Pebble

Riverbend Lounge and Pebble Ottoman are solutions designed for short-term spaces to support people’s needs for a variety of purposeful work settings, including open collaborative spaces, lounge areas, and cafes.

New Product
Fold Light

The Fold Light easily integrates into shared spaces and individual workstations to illuminate workable desk space with personal control over dimming. Its magnetic shade enables a variety of attachment options, including 360-degree rotation and unlimited height adjustment.

New Product

The Pip personal laptop table is ready to work when you are. Pip not only complements Poppy lounge seating, but also easily blends in with other products—balancing comfort, relaxation, and productivity.

New Product

The Caprice family of seating has been expanded with new bases, including a tulip-shaped design and a four-spoke base that can be fitted with casters or glides. New matte finishes are available in black, white, and mud for the whole collection. A new glossy aluminum finish has also been introduced for the new bases.

New Product
Chair 2

The enveloping structure of Chair 2 feels like an embrace. Its design revisits classic linear forms while juxtaposing fine wood and iron tubes with a matte finish. Its multi-layered birch seat is supported by the backrest’s tubular structure, which intertwines dynamically down the legs.

New Product
Corner Office

Corner Office enhances today’s open work environments by bringing personal comfort to the workstation. It contributes to well-being and workstyle needs through access to power, light, and privacy. When used alone, it creates a quiet alcove or touchdown for one. Arranged in multiples, Corner Office light offers visual privacy in open spaces.

New Product

Giraffa is smart and playful with a versatile design that can be used anywhere from a desktop to a cozy reading nook.

New Product
Jay Lounge

In a modern reinterpretation of the classic bergère, Jay Lounge avoids all forms of rigidity. Its polyurethane seat structure and independent backrest are modeled around the body and upholstered in rich leather with refined stitching. The padding is perfectly aligned with the structure, emphasizing the clean form and offering indulgent comfort, while the aluminum base—available in blasted-burnished and polished finishes—rotates 360 degrees with an automatic return to the starting position.

New Product

With its new perspective on Southeast Asian handicraft, the Lukis armchair is an encounter between centuries-old tradition of rattan processing and contemporary design. While rattan defines the seat and backrest, the base is made from rubber wood. Lukis is handmade with such accuracy that you would think it’s a highly technical industrial product.

New Product
Mesa Due

Mesa Due brings together the simple geometric shapes of circle and cone to create two evocative expansions of the Mesa table project—a 150-cm dining table and a 120-cm bistro table. The top of each is made in a wenge stained ash wood veneer, and there are two base versions: Pietra Serena stone, or steel covered in rich leather with either contrast or tone-on-tone stitching.

New Product
Passion Chair

The Passion family of seating has been enriched with the introduction of new stools. Each is designed with a stem base and seat body that precisely mirror the appearance, respectively, of the Caprice seat and the Passion armchair. This expansion supports the need for spaces where the borders between life and work are blurred.

New Product
Passion Table

The new Passion series of tables provide surfaces for a variety of settings, including lounge and hospitality spaces. Five tables make up the collection, including a low service side table, two bar side tables, and two small dining tables, available in an array of shapes and materials.

New Product
Porcelain Flooring System

Haworth Porcelain Flooring System is a dry lay porcelain tile system for high-traffic, commercial environments where access to utilities, easy reconfiguration, and quick replacement are priorities. Made by Versaflex, it’s been a proven performer in the European flooring market since 2006.

New Product

Superlight balances the demands of both workplace and home with a combination of minimal form and maximal function.

New Product
Telo Lounge

Evoking the appeal of camping seats found in the Afrikaans lodges, the Telo Lounge is designed based on a modular concept with circular and semicircular configurations in mind. The seat base has grosgrain upholstery, while the support structure is made of a stainless-steel tube with circular and oval section in four matte-finish colors. Variants with an integrated table and tray are also available.

New Product
Tube Top

Tube Top comfortably abstracts the classic, domestic lamp silhouette to suit any style of interior. Playing with traditional form, Tube Top combines a transparent, sculpted acrylic base to support its lightweight mesh shade in tension, allowing the shade to appear to float freely.

New Product

UMA Sound Lantern is designed for effortless portability indoor and out. Enjoy at the office, in a collaboration area, conference room or any social space. Every lantern includes both a tan and a grey leather strap and a premium cotton travel bag for additional protection.

New Product
Atwell Collection

No matter where people wait, Atwell guest chairs, lounge seating, and occasional tables put them at ease through organic wood-framed shapes, comfortable seating, and an array of warm materials. Its durable, cleanable solutions stand up to any public space, including corporate social settings, higher education common spaces, and hospitality environments.

New Product
Fern Task Chair

The Fern task chair—the world’s first chair designed with edgeless comfort. Inspired by nature, Fern puts the person at the center of work with new levels of balance, flexibility, and performance. Now available with a headrest. 

New Product
Immerse Table

As space design requires more flexibility, organizations recognize the growing need for adaptable spaces that support the diverse and dynamic ways people work. The Immerse table creates a landscape of varied surfaces to support working in a communal way and the temporality of meetings. The laminate top option and painted steel leg option are coming soon.

New Product
Poppy Lounge

Fun and functional, Poppy lounge provides a comfortable seating destination for people in a variety of spaces away from the desk.

New Product

Enclose Frameless Glass double glazed demountable walls and doors expand the capabilities of the Enclose offering with sophisticated walls consisting of a range of glazing options, improved acoustic performance, and refreshed door options.

New Product
Masters Series

Having choices is a wonderful thing—and Masters Series offers one of the largest selections of veneers and finishes in the industry, plus a wide variety of standard shapes and sizes. Beautiful, scalable, flexible—Masters Series desks reflect the individual and help you design your own inspiring space. Masters Series enhancements continue later this year with even more design options, like additional shapes and sizes of storage pieces, work surfaces, and tables.

New Product
Trivati Architectural Wall System

Trivati is an elegant, architectural wall system that can be customized to your heart’s content. Its flexible tri-channel rail can be fitted with up to three layers of vertical insert panels letting you fine-tune aesthetics, visual and acoustical privacy, and budget room by room, while creating one cohesive look.

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  • Trivati offers a flexible, long-term solution for changing environments using site assembled framing and components.
  • Trivati’s light, modern scale and uncomplicated beauty will elevate any environment.
  • The tri-channel rail gives you the flexibility to equip every room individually.
  • Trivati’s versatile infrastructure and non-progressive tiling lets you make changes on any scale, from moving an outlet to replacing a single panel or an entire room.
  • It is manufactured in Holland, Michigan, and glass is sourced locally for each project, making it less expensive and faster to fulfill than European-sourced products.
  • The tri-channel design delivers the best visual and acoustical privacy in the market.